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Lighthouse at Gilberts Cove, Nova Scotia

Port Hilford, Guysborough County, N.S.

What's New at RCIP...


Welcome to the RCIP Website

Although the RCIP Project has wrapped up, this website will continue to be maintained and updated regularly by the Coastal Communities Network.

If you have any questions or comments about the website, or you have content to be added, please send us your feedback.


RCIP Celebration Event - Held January 11, 2006

Rural Communities and RCIP in Nova Scotia:
Reflecting on the Past, Celebrating the Present and
Innovating for the Future

The Coastal Communities Network (CCN) hosted this special Learning Circle event for anyone involved with the Rural Communities Impacting Policy (RCIP) Project over the past six years or for those that wanted to know more about using research for policy change and rural health and sustainability.

Click here for the full invitation.


Winter 2005-2006 Update

As the RCIP Project enters its final months, the RCIP Management Committee and staff have been working hard to make sure current work gets completed and new ideas, innovations and lessons learned are considered and passed on if necessary.

Click here for the Winter 2005-2006 Update.


Rural Report - Painting the Landscape of Rural Nova Scotia

This report is one of the tools produced by the RCIP Project to
provide a baseline against which people living in rural Nova Scotia, as well as those who work in universities and government on behalf of those communities, will be able to measure future changes in rural communities. Data are synthesized in the report at national, provincial, regional, and county levels to “paint the landscape of rural Nova Scotia” in an effort to help rural communities understand and address the issues facing them.

Click here to view.

Healthy and Sustainable Communities

The goal of the RCIP Project is, “to increase the ability of rural communities and organizations in Nova Scotia to access and use social science research in order to influence and develop policy that contributes to the health and sustainability of rural communities.” What do we mean by “healthy and sustainable” rural communities? The RCIP backgrounder tries to answer this question as simply as possible.

Click here to view the RCIP backgrounder.


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